Is made possible through the municipal
cooperation of our members


Is made possible through the municipal
cooperation of our members

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Working Together for
Effective Results

The Capital Region Assessment Services Commission (CRASC) is an inter-municipal group who have chosen to work together to provide an extensive package of top-quality assessment services.

By establishing a “one-stop” assessment service, CRASC has the unique opportunity to pool its resources together.

The Commission’s key purpose is to provide our member municipalities with effective, reliable, consistent and cost-efficient services.

Residential, farmland, commercial and industrial assessments are provided and each year our assessors move to further enhance the quality of the data provided to members.

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Benefits of Membership

CRASC provides municipalities with leading-edge assessment services, such as digital photos, to provide accessible records and up-to-date information for municipal administrators and property taxpayers.

The limited number of assessment appeals filed with the member municipalities is a strong indicator of the high level of assessment services provided.

What we do for you?

Annual total valuation update of the assessment 

Assessment roll update for development permits

Annual 20% selective assessment review/inspection 

Assignment audit and equalization 

Maintenance of computerized database 

Representation at: Open House 

The CRASC Assessment Review
Board Service(ARBS)

Working with our member municipalities CRASC assembles trained ARBS panelists and when a complaint is filed facilitates the necessary complaint hearing.

Our Assessors

The Commission selects qualified independent assessment contractors and companies to provide high quality, professional assessment services for each of our members. The assessors, accredited by the Alberta Assessors’ Association, comply with the Association’s Code of Ethics and Professional Education Program.

Comprehensive contracts with the assessors ensure that members receive their services by legislated deadlines.

Kevin Lawrence, AMAA


Consulting Inc.

Mike Krim, AMAA


Consulting Inc.

Larry Horne, AMAA

Independent Municipal 

Assessment Corporation